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Caring for people in need of care can be a heavy burden for family members. Our mission is to support and relieve family members and those in need of care. We strive to make everyday life easier, so you can live with dignity and security.

Andreas Frankl - Geschäftsführer und Gründer

Andreas Frankl

CEO and Founder

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Laura M. Pana

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Julie Desfour - Marketing Managerin

Julie Desfour

Assistant to the CEO

Hannah Täubl - Sales Managerin

Hannah Täubl

Sales Manager

Johanna Reinprecht

marketing manager

Jan Braun

electronics developer

Ing. Andreas Frankl, B.Sc.,
CEO der Opus Novo GmbH

"After my education as an electrical engineer, I started my first company in the lighting industry. During a project in the healthcare sector, I recognized the immense stress that caregivers suffer due to the increased risk of falls for their family members. For this reason, I founded Opus Novo. Our product ELLY uses intelligent lighting technology to improve care recipients' ability to orient themselves at night and thus prevent falls. This not only helps those in need of care, but also their family caregivers. And that's what inspires me every day!"

Andreas Frankl - CEO und Geschäftsführer von Opus Novo

Our mentors

Sigrid Weber - Unsere Mentorin

Sigrid Weber

Founder of

Bastian Krapinger-Rüther - Unser Business Mentor

Bastian Krapinger Rüther

Founder of FLINN

Kerstin Mayr - Unsere Mentorin

Kerstin Mayr

Lecturers in the Health & Nursing course

Manuel Leal Garcia - Unser Mentor

Manuel Leal Garcia

Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Probando

Our partners


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